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Gout treatment
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An excruciating kind of arthritis is gout. Sharp crystals can develop in your joints (often your big toe) when your body produces too much uric acid. Gout attacks are periods of time when flare-ups of symptoms such as pain and edema occur periodically. Typically, treatment consists of both food modification and symptom management. Gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis that makes your joints hurt and swell. When your body accumulates uric acid, gout develops. Flares, also known as gout attacks, are periods of time when gout symptoms flare up or return. A medical professional will recommend drugs and dietary adjustments to lower your uric acid levels and reduce the frequency of future gout attacks. Attacks with gout typically last a week or two. Certain flares may cause more severe symptoms than others, and some may continue longer than others. In the intervals between attacks, you may not get any symptoms of gout.

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